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At Outside the Nine Dots we offer the following services: (click to download fact sheet)

We elicit the values of people across an organisation, from frontline staff to senior management. And we identify areas of alignment and misalignment within the organisation.

Next we use a values process that empowers individuals and organisations to discover their own core values that drive behaviour, and helps them enunciate their personal vision and mission.

Using Appreciative Inquiry, we enable organisations to generate self-sustaining strategies based on the core values. These strategies lead to improved performance and a heightened awareness of the value, strength and talents of the organisation and employees.

We also facilitate a values based leadership simulation  that demonstrates in a fun, interactive way, the impact of values based leadership.

We offer values assessments to universities and schools, private and public. A key advantage of this approach is that it introduces students to the concept of discussing and negotiating around values.