Nine Dots Leadership
Business Paradigm for the Twenty First Century

aWho you are and what you stand for are just as important as what you sell.

  • The most successful companies in the twenty first century will be those that are responsible members of the community and good corporate citizens
  • Investment in personal fulfilment is essential for high performance
  • As competition increases, companies will increasingly recognise that their competitive advantage lies in tapping the deepest levels of their employees' productivity, creativity and knowledge.
  • Relationships are the engines for success
  • Building a climate of trust and employee fulfilment requires emotional intelligence. The ability to empathise and empower people to become all they can become requires personal skills that are not taught at business schools.
  • Vision, evolution and transformation drive long term growth
    • Forget change! Successful businesses of the future will be embracing transformation. Change is doing what we do now, but doing it more efficiently or productively.  Transformation is about a new way of being. Transformation embraces the concept of change but adds something new.
  • Organisational transformation begins at the top
    • Organisations don't transform, people do. Corporate culture is fundamentally a function of the personality of leadership. If you want to transform your company then you must first transform the belief systems, values and behaviours of your top people.
  • Shared ownership for common wealth
    • Communities of interest work best when there is psychological ownership, financial interest and transparency of governance. Organisations create psychological ownership through participation: they create financial interest through stock ownership programs; and they create transparency of governance through open-book management.
  • Connectivity builds strength
    • The most successful organisations are always those that have the strongest alliances. Both internal and external connectivity are necessary for the rapid flow of information and ideas.




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