Nine Dots Leadership

Ian Ralston


Ian's ability to think laterally and outside the square manifests itself in the business name.

Ian is an advocate for the promotion of Values Driven organisations. After being inspired by Richard Barrett's book "Unleash the Corporate Soul", Ian underwent training in the Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT) Methodology.

On a personal level Ian is a "Baby-boomer", growing up with technology. Ian started in the computer industry when they were "steam driven and he was a stoker". He is a graduate from University of South Africa (UNISA) School of Business Leadership's Advanced Executive program.

Through his work in Information Technology Ian has worked with many different industries including motor, health, insurance, local government, mining, defence and major IT organisations.
Ian's interest in and involvement with personal development has enhanced his ability to listen and hear what is being said. Ian's personal qualities include being approachable, flexible and empathetic and respectful of other's opinions and beliefs.

Ethics, balance between work and home, environmental awareness combined with enthusiasm and open, honest communication are values that Ian is passionate about. This is demonstrated in his professional and personal relationships.



Sue Stuart-Dent

qSue shares Ian’s interest in personal and professional development and his enthusiasm for working with organisations to reach their full potential by aligning the corporate culture with those of the staff and management teams. So much more can be achieved in the workplace if people can bring their “whole” self to work each day.

Sue has been trained in the use of the Cultural Transformation Tools, Appreciative Inquiry, the Values-Based Leadership: Business Simulation and is an NLP Practitioner.

Sue is the mother of two adult daughters and has many years of experience in the Health industry in NSW and overseas, including patient care, education, management and at Board Level.

Sue’s personal values include balance, making a difference, wisdom and integrity. The harmony that Sue and Ian share is demonstrated in the way they work as a team or alone, drawing on their individual strengths and creating synergy to represent “Outside the Nine Dots”.




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